Pot odds, effective odds and implied odds

January 21, 2015

The following is a random hand that I received when I was playing at bodog.eu poker:

Suppose you are playing at a $1/2 table with 10 players in late position.

Your pocket cards are


One player raises immediately from early position and 4 other players call and so do you.

This means that the pot is 6 x $2 = $12

The flop gives


One player goes on betting and 3 players call. Now the pot is $16.

Pot odds

You have to wager $1 for a pot of $16.

Let’s check the odds for the turn card and see what the odds against creating a straight from your present gutshot-straight draw (T-J-Q-A). This hand is very suitable for games with many opponents as it is hard to beat if you hit. The question is: Is it worth trying – are the pot odds correct?

  • You have 4 outs (4 unseen Kings)
  • There are 47 unseen cards in the deck.
  • 43 cards don’t make your hand. (47-4)

…which gives the odds 43:4 (43 against 4) in order to be successful.

43:4 equals 10.71:1

In order for your bet to be correct the pot must contain more than 10.71 times your bet (+ rake) to make this profitable in the long run.

As the pot odds are 16:1 your decision to join the betting round is good. The reason for this is that you will have the strongest hand if the draw is successful. You should however be aware of that these 4-outs-draws generally do not pay off in the long run. Normally the size of the pot is not big enough but in this case it was OK.

Effective odds

But what if you plan to go the whole way – to the river card? According to the earlier ways of thinking:

43/47 on the turn card (43 cards are against the possibility to hit the right card out of 47 unseen cards).

42/46 on the river card (42 cards are against the possibility to hit the right card out of 46 unseen cards).

Change into decimal numbers. Multiply.

0.9149 * 0.9130 = 83.53% against being successful.

This gives the odds 83.53 : 16.47 (16.47% is for being successful).

This equals 5.07: 1

Please note that I have been very accurate with the decimals which of course is not necessary as long as you keep on the right side of the odds.

This means that when it is time for showdown you should have a pot with a size that is at least 5 times your bets after the flop + rake.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

The pot including the flop was $12.

One player made a bet and three players called at the betting at the turn.

Now the pot is $12 + $8.

You assume that at least one player will join until the very end. If you get your wanted hand you will at least get $2 more.

The total pot is then at least $12 + $8 + $2 = $22.

Your own bet without raises will be 2 * 2 = $4

The pot has to be at least four times this amount, that is $16.

As we already have estimated the pot to be $22 you see that it is correct to call.

On top of this we have been playing quite tightfistedly as you might be given the opportunity to raise your opponent if your draw is successful. The profit at a possible win will in this case be somewhat higher.

Implied odds

Short explanation again as you easily will understand this if you understood the text above.

The odds against succeeding with your draw was 10.71 against 1.

Once again let us pretend the pot was just $10. If the player will still call your bets if you hit on the turn it is correct to bet if you are sure you will get the strongest hand.

Remember: Calling with marginal will affect your bankroll and it can take some time before these kind of draws pays. So – if it is a marginal hand, don´t call if your bankroll isn´t big enough to survive fluctuations.

How to get your online poker strategy right

February 13, 2014

texas-holdem-strategyTexas Holdem is considered as the most preferred poker alternate played at online casinos. Native to Texas, it is honored as the ‘main event’ at tournaments like ‘World Series of Poker’ and ‘World Poker Tour’.

Texas Holdem involves great control of gambling skills and requires thorough practice by way of participation at free gaming tournaments. This can further assist you master your techniques at online poker, thereby adding another benefit to the pack.

However, there will always be a huge difference between an artificial set-up and a real set-up that can affect your gambling experience. This means, playing at free gaming centers involves numerous gambling players, without the use of real betting money.

On the other hand, playing Texas Holdem at real online casinos creates a thrilling and at the same time, tensed environment, which may cause apprehension while dealing with real money and gambling experts.

Hence, while playing Texas Holdem for free, it is suggested to focus on other aspects as well other than learning the game like:

  • Controlling the emotions to keep the opponent guessing about your next move.

  • Keeping a watchful eye on other gambler’s betting practices, so as to stay alert every time you visit any online casino.

  • Understanding various techniques and strategies to tackle the opponent.

  • Identifying when to continue playing and when to fold on with the available hands.

These are some things that you can practice when you play poker for fun at an online poker room, such as Bodog Poker. You can try your skills at the Play Money mode before you start to wager your own money at the Real Money tables.

When to Wager in Texas Holdem

A bet means one of two things. Either the player has a great hand and he want to make a gamble on it, or else the player has a horrible hand and will throw in his hand if he has to wager on it.

The following describes two situations where players should place bets:

  1. Blind Stealing
    In a situation when you are in the position of the dealer, and all that is left in the game is you and the blinds, when you ‘raise’ it is termed as “blind-stealing”. This is due to the fact that there is a possibility of the blinds folding, while if you do not raise but instead just call, it would result in the blinds being checked.

    Doing this is a decent way to end up with a couple of pounds. However it is not something that will lead to big wins. It a strategy designed to finish the game quickly and receive another hand with additional participants and additional money.

  2. The steal-raise
    In the case where you are the final person to make a play and every other participant has checked, the action of wagering just to limit the participant number or to get the pot is termed as a ‘steal-raise’. It is best not to make this your standard way of playing as your game plan becomes quite obvious to the other players in a short span of time.

    Once they realize what you are up to they will start to ‘check-raise’ when you have a lousy hand. The best time to carry out a steal raise is when you feel you have a fabulous drawing hand like a ‘nut flush draw’.

    Game opponents will usually land up with the action of ‘check to the raiser’. In such a case, if you draw, you will end up with a bigger pot that you have a chance of winning. However, if this is not what you want to do, you can just check. Maybe the fifth card will lead to your hand being made.

When to Bluff in Texas Holdem

Players should bluff when they are playing in the following situations:

  1. When there are limited participants
    In layman’s terms, it is far easier to fool a few people rather than fool a big group. When there are fewer players the most natural assumption is that none of the players has a fantastic hand. Sometimes some of the players will remain in the hand just to “keep you honest”. In this case the player should keep in mind that he should bluff his way through the game for a least a couple of rounds of wagering.

  2. When you play against reasonable tight opponents
    Players who land up throwing in their hands frequently are the best ones to practice bluffing on. It is quite risky to bluff before the flop against an extremely tight opponent. If the tight opponent does not throw in his hand, you should be wary about trying to bluff again in the next couple of rounds. Most of the time, such opponents will be in possession of a strong hand. In such cases it is important that you understand who you are playing against.

  3. On the river
    You should definitely bluff if supposed drawing hands miss. In such a case, opponents make decisions based on the golden rule: “the moment you know you can’t win, throw in your cards”. It makes sense to bluff when you have a lousy hand as certain players will continue to play the game simply due to the odds of the pot. In this case, what you are really doing is ‘semi-bluffing’.

  4. You are in the ‘late’ position and all the others have checked
    In such a case you will have to take a call on what you want to do. If you bluff, mostly a number of the opponents will throw in their hands, but a few will remain in the game.

Just like Poker, this game has gained tremendous popularity in the gambling community as most of the online casinos offer this game to their users. Hence, increase your knowledge and master your skills well in advance to experience the actual entertainment offered by Online Texas Holdem.

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Types of Online Poker Bonuses

December 9, 2013

On the web Poker Bonus is one particular alluring factor that attracts numerous gamblers to go on the internet to play poker from the comfort of their household. All on the net poker rooms give poker bonuses to their players. The volume of extra may perhaps differ from casino to casino.

Poker bonuses are offered at just about every online poker room these days. Depending on the website that you go to, you may receive a large bonus or a small bonus depending on that site’s popularity. One thing that you may want to find out first is whether it is a US friendly poker room. There are only a few of these left as most have left the American market due to pressure from the government. But, USA poker is on the comeback with states like New Jersey passing their own laws to legalize the game.

There are 3 kinds of bonuses obtainable at online poker rooms:

No Deposit Bonus

This on the net poker definite plus won’t will need any dollars put in. Following signing up for an on the net Poker Place that delivers a ‘No Put in Bonus’ as per the instructions, the account gets credited with online poker extra within just 72 several hours. Effectively, it depends on place to room, some credit inside of 48 hours.

The ‘No Deposit’ extra can range from $3 as much as $50. This sort of ‘Poker Bonus’ is fantastic if a person is new towards the poker scene. A new gambler can practice with authentic dollars without having any risk of loosing dollars. On the other hand, the downside is how the battler isn’t able to take element in the very first put in extra if he creates a deposit after which plays with his personal funds. Poker Rooms do not enable any player to have far more than a single account at a time.

First Put in Bonus

This on the web poker definite plus can be a definite plus that is certainly provided by a Poker Space determined by the size on the very first put in. Mostly the first deposit extra can be a 100% extra with the first deposit that a person creates. As an example, if a poker space features a 100% reward on the earliest deposit for any deposit of $200 maximum, it means if a battler deposits an volume of $200, an added $200 is going to be offered to him.

But obtaining this online poker bonus in true seriously isn’t that effortless. Properly, the special is surely awarded into the person right after the earliest deposit, but it remains in his account and he can’t use the extra until he meets specific requirements – that are better regarded as ‘Wagering Requirements’. Now, these needs vary from place to space for poker.

As an example, the “Tower Gaming” poker space provides a initial deposit reward with a quite low wagering requirement; a gambler needs to generate only five gambler points for every $ as an on the web poker special. This means that it wants a sum of 1000 battler things being ready to clear that $200 online poker bonus.

If a player plays a ‘Sit and Go’ tournament, then this on the net poker special equals to rake back of 100% as the gambler is awarded 5 battler items for each dollar paid as tournament fee. Another a single ‘PokerLoco’, provides an incredible opportunity for the players to get a 100% definite plus on the 1st put in to get a max put in of $250. The most beneficial portion is that the on the net poker bonus might be cleared at five participant details per reward dollar.

Reload/Freeload Bonus

This type of poker reward is normally presented as an additional on the internet poker special. That is also called a ‘freeload’ or ‘reload’ definite plus. The primary difference among these two on the web poker bonuses is the fact that which has a reload poker extra, it requirements an supplemental put in into the account, though the ‘freeload’ poker reward is credited automatically when a poker special code is entered for the site. The ‘FreeLoad’ reward is supplied every single month at some Poker rooms. The ‘Freeload’ reward is usually cleared at 10 player point per extra dollar.

Cheating at Poker

April 12, 2013

poker-cheatsOne of the ways that some players try to make some fast cash is by cheating. It is difficult to do this online, but people have found ways. But, it is far easier and happens far more often in your garage poker games.

Like in every other game or sport or may an activity at all, in poker also have players that try to win by cheating. And the interesting is that most of the time they succeed. If you do not want to be a victim of fraud you need to be able to recognize if some of the players is cheating. Here we provide you a list of the most common cheating methods that are found in poker playing.


Collusion is a method of cheating and it is a co-operation of two or more players at the same table to better their odds at winning. They work in team and at the end split the pot between them. It is completely unfair to you because you play against whole team, not against a player as the rules of the game are. The cheaters may collude through telephones, instant messaging, etc.

When it comes to playing poker online, I like to stay away from tables that have two players with a large amount of money. There is a possibility that they are colluding. People won’t be as obvious as to send each other private messages. There are two ways that are most common:

1) Mobile phone – just stay on the line and share all of the information with your partner.

2) Having computers next to each other – for the most part, this doesn’t happen anymore. If the poker software detects that two players are from the same IP address, they will not be allowed to log onto the same table with each other. There are ways around this, however, as you can use a program to make yourself appear that you are in another location.

The other techniques can only be utilized when you are playing live with other people. These techniques are most effective when other players aren’t paying close attention (like when they are drunk or watching a sports game).

The Peek

This maneuver is a way in which the cheating dealer sees the top card of the deck before the deal. If he choose to do so, the dealer will know who has been dealt this card and will be able by calculating his odds to guess how is he going to add. It is really unjust for the player who get this card, because he do not know that his card have been seen by the dealer.

The Second Deal

This is a way in which the cheating dealer deals the second top card of the deck rather than the top card. It is a good maneuver for the dealer, because if he is aware that the top card is one that he or she wants and needs to form a perfect and winning hand, then that dealer may ‘second deal’ to everybody else until coming to his or her own hand, dealing the top card then. It is a severe cheating, because may be the player that the cared must be dealt also need it. But he never get the chance to form a winning hand because the dealer is getting this card.


Palming is an act of secretly hiding individual cards. By palming you can also move them either from the deck onto one’s person or one’s hand or from one’s person into one’s hand or back into the deck. Basic cheating by palming involves hiding a card in the palm of one’s hand. It is possible, because a playing card can fit perfectly into the palm of poker player’s hand. It can be held at one end by the last bend of each finger and at the other end by the cup of the palm.

If you would like to learn more about cheating in poker, please take a look at the following two articles: Pros Cheating at Holdem and Online Poker Cheats

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How to Bet at Texas Holdem Poker

September 25, 2012

Read how to bet at Texas holdem poker in order to win as much money as possible and lose as little as possible the next time you play texas holdem.

The moment you place a bet you have just declared to all the other players that you are ‘in’. You are signaling that it is up to them to challenge you to find out whether you really have a strong hand or you are just bluffing. Most players will presume (wrongly) that a person who has just laid down money has to have a strong or at least a moderately strong hand. Not true.

Many players bet during the initial stages just to stay in the game hoping they will get better cards as the game proceeds. This is especially true at Texas Holdem poker where you aren’t totally aware what your cards will be. But on the other hand don’t overdo it.

If you are relatively new to Texas Holdem poker – then don’t do this often. If at the beginning your cards seem that they won’t amount to much, take the hint and fold. Better to fold regularly and win sparingly – your wallet will thank you.

Should I Bluff?

Yes – you can bluff, but don’t bluff especially when playing holdem poker for the first few times. I would suggest you play for free before gambling for money.

When should you place bets?

Eventually you will have to rely on your instincts to make more money gambling at holdem poker, but since even your instincts need help – read the following betting situations to sharpen your winning skills.

  • If you are dealing the cards (in Texas Holdem poker each of the player deals the cards in turn) and you are the last player (other than those who have only entered the minimum amount to participate in the game) this is the time to bet. No matter what they do – you won’t lose. If they fold – you win; if they check – you haven’t lost. You will make money but not a lot of it, but then again every small amount will add up to a large sum.

  • If you aren’t the dealer but are the last in the round to act you could raise to force your opposition to either check or to fold. This usually scares most players off in holdem poker because they think you have a strong combination even before all the cards have been revealed. If all fold – you keep the pot!

  • But if any of your opponents are wise they won’t leave and you will lose your money to them. How? All the rest of the players will have folded and since your hand isn’t strong – you lose.

  • Don’t help others win. One way to prevent this from happening is to not perform this maneuver again and again. Do it sparingly and none will be the wiser.

  • Repeat your actions always and all your holdem poker opponents will realize what you are doing and read through you.

  • If you ascertain that you are going to have a strong hand then the one thing on your mind should be how to lure others into betting a lot of money. Do this and when you win you will win a huge sum and not a paltry amount. All you have to do is check the bets of your opponents. If you can do this the first time – you will win big. Why? People have a tendency to continue betting after they have already placed a bet. It’s surprising how much money is lost and all just because holdem poker players didn’t realize when to stop. Remember that if this situation is reversed on you – heed my friendly warning and let it go. It’s better to lose $10 than to continue gambling and eventually lose $100.

  • There’s another move though aggressive that will limit the holdem poker players in that specific hand. If you are the first person who has to play – you should immediately raise the pot. Thus all the others will have to enter not only the minimum amount required (ante) but also match your bet if they desire to remain playing. Be advised that the weaker hands might fold but you will continue playing with those with strong hands or with a lot of experience might wish to call your ‘bluff’.) If you are taking part in a small game of Texas Holdem poker then you could and should use this tactic. If there are a lot of players – don’t risk it.

Texas Holdem Tips

August 24, 2012

texas-holdem-tipsHoldem only looks like Seven Card Stud, when playing at online casinos, you will usually see both games. In reality, these are very different from each other due to the community (or shared) cards and the positional aspects the two games.

For instance, when online gambling and playing Holdem – on the flop, you will see 71% of your hand for a single round of betting. When playing 7 Card Stud you do not.

Additionally, with Texas Holdem, position is critical. Certain hands that you would fold in the early position (of seating) can also be raising hands in the late position (of seating). In fact, you will play few hands from the early position. This is better for saving your money.

When playing Texas Holdem at online casinos, play few hands from the early position. You’ll save money in the long run by not playing too many worthless hands. If you are new to this very popular online gambling poker game, you will want to err on the side of caution. Again, you will save money.

Don’t bluff bad players when playing Holdem. To beat a bad player, you’re just going to have to show down the best hand. Know your opponents. Are they more likely to call to keep you honest or are they more likely to fold? Keep these few tips in mind when playing this very popular game.

Holdem: Playing the Flop

Fit or fold. This is what you have to figure out when playing the flop at an online casino. There are 3 basic ways a hand can fit during the flop.

#1 – It improves your hand.

#2 – The flop offers a draw that figures to pay off very nicely if you get it.

#3 – You hold a big pair before the flop. When online gambling, during the flop, if you don’t improve to a big hand or a draw with a potentially high paying one – fold. The sooner the better, too.

You can learn more about this here.

Holdem: Playing the Turn

The turn card is the 4th card dealt face up (community card). Some online casino players say that the turn plays itself. It is not as though you can just play this card on auto pilot, but you should pretty much be safe here – unless you were not supposed to stay in the game this far in the first place.

If you are playing the turn, you should have a good hand at this point, a promising draw, or you believe you can bluff your to the pot. If you are bluffing (not recommended) you better know the player(s) you are up against. Don’t bluff bad players here when online gambling. To beat a bad player here you will have to show down the best hand. You can learn more about this here.

Holdem: Playing the River

If you are still in the game at this point, you need to have a good hand. The river is the last card on the board when playing Texas Holdem at an online casino. If you are playing with prudent players, there is usually online 2 or 3 of you left in the game. Once the river card is dealt, your hand is complete, whether you want it to be or not.

You can only wager based on your realized hand value now. When you make two pair it is usually the best hand. Just remember, if the river brings a third suited card when online gambling, be cautious – an opponent may have just drawn their flush. Also, if the pot is large, it is safer for you to call with the worst hand than it is to fold with the best hand. Overcalling demands a strong hand – enough to beat legitimate calling hands.

You can learn more about playing the river card and get more poker tips at 99pokertips.com

Playing Cash Game Poker

July 26, 2012

poker-cash-gameThere are different strategies for the different games of poker, and of course also for cash game / ring game play. One of most important things to have in mind when playing on these tables is to have a good bankroll. The money management for the bankroll is a bit different than for other games.

The game can change quickly and then it is of most importance that your bankroll is prepared. Some players use to go with the rule that the bankroll should be at least 20 buy-ins. This is just to prevent too loose all your money in a normal down period and will keep you in the game.

You will also probably feel more confident at the table with a large bankroll, you don’t have to worry about your chips stack all the time and can concentrate more on the game and using your poker skills. This is a big difference from tournaments where all players have the same amount of chips at the start of the tournament. In some ways it is more important in a cash game to read the opponents. Remember that if a player runs out of chips he is likely to re-buy into the table, unlike in a poker tournament.

There a lot of different strategies that players use for cash game only. One is to always raise to the double amount and the hand doesn’t matter. This will keep the other players without indication what hand you are holding. You can also raise pre-flop but mix the amount of the raise. That can put you in a good position when you have a good hand and want to bet. The opposite of this game play is called a limper, those players usually don’t know the different players betting patterns.

You must vary your play between Limit and No Limit games as well. But the main fact for cash game play is that the hand you’re playing is the only one important, in difference to a tournament where have to plan ahead more. For pot limit many players feel that the best tactic is to be very strategic and wait for good hands and try to mix the play on these hands. In No Limit you have be a bit more aggressive some times, and take good use of the amount of chips.

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